Red Flame Industries (RFI) – Specialty Industrial Services. A division of BOLTTECH MANNINGS

Technical Bolting Services, Tool Calibration and Resistance Heat Treating

We’ve Grown.

Red Flame Industries (RFI) – Canada’s trusted full-service plant and pipeline specialists, has joined forces with Bolttech Mannings – a world-leader in specialty industrial bolting and thermal technologies. Together we are a leading, diversified industrial service supplier, delivering quality products and first-rate services to the oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation, steel and renewable resource industries.

We Now Have More to Offer:

  • Technical-Bolting

    Technical Bolting Services


    • Torquing solutions that meet all challenges associated with maintaining joint integrity of flanged connections to ensure leak-free operation
    • Tensioning applies uniform, accurate loading to critical assemblies safely, quickly and efficiently

  • Tool-Calibration

    Tool Calibration


    • For optimizing tool performance and accuracy of torque wrenches and pumps
    • Service can be performed on-site in our mobile calibration unit
    • Our technicians produce professional, certified test reports using state-of-the-art torque transducers, which are integrally mounted to our calibration table and synced with our digital display and in-line laptop computers
  • Heat-Treating

    Resistance Heat Treating


    • For on-site pre heating and post weld stress relieving services
    • Designed for manual, programmable or remote operation with optional data logging for record retention
    • Proven reliable for projects demanding heat uniformity, accurate control, dependability, and safety
    • Robust in construction and easily capable of heavy on-site work loads
    • Each unit is ready for remote supervisory control and data acquisition; optional logging data and downloading to disc for record retention; and paperless time-vs-trend chart recording
Why Choose Us?

Over 400 unique customers who operate primarily in the power generation, refining and petrochemical markets

Our top 20 customers have an average tenure of over 15 years

We have 22 strategically located offices across the US and Canada

A 35 year proven track record of safety

Only major Industrial Services provider who uses and manufacturers its own tools

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