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Career Path

Below you will find an interactive map outlining possible career paths at Red Flame Industries. Each box represents a different training level with new challenges, training modules, procedures and opportunities. Our trained staff of experienced Technicians and Managers will guide you on this career path to ensure that you are getting the most out of the training material while advancing through the company. Not only do you receive additional responsibilities and goals with each level, you also receive increased wages. This means that the power to advance is completely in your hands! Click on the icons below to start mapping your career:

Ten Day New Hire

The New Hire training plan consists of orientations as well as internal and external training courses required to ensure each employee can complete all regular duties in a safe and competent manner. This stage of your training program takes approximately 10 days to complete.

RFI Assistant

The RFI Assistant training plan consists of safety modules, policies and procedures and documentation training required to go into the field and assist on any Hot Tap or NDT project. We give all staff basic cross training so that they can work in both divisions. This gives our staff additional experience, decreases any possible down time and makes each member of the team more valuable. This level takes approximately 80 days to complete.

Hot Tap Assistant I

The Hot Tap Assistant I training plan consists of theory, observation and demonstrations required to go into the field as a welder’s helper or technician assistant on any hot tap job. In this stage of training, you will be helping to operate the machines, complete the welds, as well as getting a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Hot Tap project. Most staff have completed this portion of the training program within their first 5-8 months.

Hot Tap Assistant II

The Hot Tap Assistant II level of the training program is where you start to take on more leadership responsibilities. During this stage Assistants get more involved in the projects from invoicing to basic Project Management. As a Hot Tap Assistant II employees will act as an assistant on many jobs but do have the ability to take over and lead crews on basic projects. Normally staff will complete this portion of the training program anywhere from 8 months to their first year with the company.

Hot Tap Technician I

The Hot Tap Technician I training plan consists of demonstrations to be completed for a Sr. level Hot Tap Technician. Once a Sr. level Hot Tap Technician has deemed you competent for certain jobs you will be running your own crew and equipment. This step gives employees great supervisory and project management experience. Most employees become technicians around their first year of employment.

Hot Tap Technician II

The Hot Tap Technician II training program is very similar to the Hot Tap Technician I. The main difference is the type of equipment you are able to use and the specifications of the pipe you are able to drill in to. As employees are able to complete Hot Taps on higher pressure and bigger piping they are rewarded with the promotion to a level II. Most people will become a Hot Tap Technician II after about 1.5 years with RFI.

Hot Tap Technician III

Hot Tap Technician III is the final step of the training program. This checklist shows that you are competent to complete all standard Hot Taps. You will now be looked to as a technical leader in the company and be asked to increase your role in training others. Many Employees will reach the Hot Tap Technician III level after approximately 2 years with the company.

Plant and Pipeline Technician

The Plant and Pipeline Technician is able to complete all standard hot taps as well as all rare projects taken on by RFI. This step of the program can take up to 5 years to complete as some of the projects of the job are completed very rarely. However; once you have completed the Hot Tap Technician III checklist it will be the primary focus of Management to ensure that you are trained in all rare projects.

ECI Assistant I

The ECI Assistant I is your first step into becoming an experienced NDT Technician. This level includes modules and practical demonstrations on inspection processes, NDT equipment and techniques such as Magnetic particle Inspection and Ultrasonic Inspection all while receiving valuable hands on experience. This portion of the training program takes approximately 1-2 months to complete.

ECI Assistant II

The ECI Assistant II training plan takes a more serious look into completing NDT inspections. Employees will begin performing more of the inspections with their supervising technician merely overseeing. This includes using the equipment, entering data, completing reports and invoicing customers. This is the final preparation stage before becoming a technician and completing your own jobs. This stage takes approximately 1-2 months to complete.

SNT Technician I

Once you have completed your ECI Assistant II checklist you will receive your SNT Technician ticket. This will allow you to complete your own inspections with an assistant. As a technician you will be gaining more than technical experience, you will spend time and receive training in customer service, invoicing, reports and multiple other learning and growth tools. This level takes approximately 3 months to complete.

NDT Technician in Training

Technicians with either MTII or UTII CGSB certifications upon hire will be required to complete the following training to prove competency before being granted full technician status with RFI. This plan takes previously trained NDT Technicians and ensure that they understand our processes as well as the equipment inspected with RFI.

SNT Technician II Hot Tap (Shearwave)

The SNT Hot Tap ticket gives you some early training into completing the NDT portion of a RFI Hot Tap. This gives you an introduction into using shearewave equipment. This again improves your cross training and makes you an asset to the company.

CGSB Technician I

A CGSB Technician has one of the following tickets UTI (Ultrasonic Level I) UT II (Ultrasonic Level II) or MTII (Magnetic Particle Inspection Level II). These tickets will allow the technician to perform designated inspections and be recognized as an expert within the field of NDT.

CGSB Technician II

A CGSB Technician II has two of the following tickets UTI, UTII, or MTII. Having two CGSB tickets again improves cross training and value by increasing the amount and types of inspections that can be completed. This technician may now also complete as many Hot Tap projects as required.

CGSB Technician III

A CGSB Technician III must have their UTI, UTII and MTII. Having all three tickets allows the CGSB Technician to perform all required inspections at RFI. Once these tickets are obtained the Technician will be looked to as a leader in the division and relied upon for mentoring and training the assistants.

Field Superintendant

The Field Superintendant is a combination of a true Project Manager and technical expert. The field Superintendant must be able to complete all Hot Taps, have a thorough understanding of all mechanical services, and be able to manage large projects/ crews. This is the only position that requires a promotion to obtain. This position requires excellent leadership and technical skills with a great ability to train and mentor others.

SNT Technician II

The SNT Technician II will again be an internally trained SNT Technician who can perform both Magnetic Particle and Ultrasonic inspections. At this point in your training the focus will become preparing for your CGSB Tickets. CGSB (Canadian Government Standards Board) tickets are recognized all over Canada. These tickets act as your Red Seal Journeyman ticket in the NDT Sector.
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